Bahamas Aviator

Different Bahamas Video Views

Here are some different clips shot from trips to the Bahamas, covering people, aerials, research, and local business. Click the boxes on the control bar to view playback full screen.

Ansil Saunders, Handmade Boat Bulider, Bimini

Ansil Saunders is a one of a kind craftsman, and statesman of Bimini.

Bahamas Boating Video

A video tour for all boaters thinking of crossing the gulf stream.

Exumas Dreaming Clip, Exumas

Travel over and underwater in the beautiful Exuma chain.

Androsia Designs, Andros Island

Learn about the native hand craft of batik prints...beautiful and local.

Shark Lab, Bimini

Katie Grudecki will give you a tour of this unique research lab in Bimini.

Return to Normans Cay

Very interesting clip about cocaine smuggling and a GA aircraft in trouble.



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