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I've been flying my trusty Mooney 201 to this wonderful country for over 30 years now. It's the unique combination of beauty, people, and the stress free enviroment that keeps me coming back. And why can't I get conch salad in the US??

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BahamasAviator feedback:

Hi Craig,

I just saw the video you did of Cat island and loved it. Great job! Thanks!!

Pam Armbrister, Owner Fernandez Bay Resort

Hello Craig,

The video is indeed outstandingly INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so
much and I am just so happy that you came when you did and was able to
diving and experience San Salvador.  I am certain that we will get
great benefits from it.

Michelle, Manager Riding Rock Resort

"Craig, I am thrilled with the website, after watching all of the videos, checking out the resources, and ease of navigation, I decided to head down to LONG ISLAND in the Bahamas for a long weekend. I feel the website gave me plenty of insight of what to expect.

Thanks for your hard work and beautiful cinematography"

Dr. Mike (Bonanza A36

"I just watched the video on and enjoyed it very much. It's very helpful to pilots flying to The Bahamas for the first time. The Bahamas Aviator website is very nice and  a great resource for pilots flying to the islands." Susan Harrelson, retired airline captain and private pilot (Lancair 320)

"Love the site-wow-its been about a million years since I've flown to the Bahamas...might be time 2 go back!" realestatechick-twitter

Hi Craig:  Checked your site, magnificent. Your photos are a work of art, absolutely beautiful. Really makes me want to go on down to the Bahamas.

Christina / Piper_Mama

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