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Bahamas Entry and Departure Regulations

Things for private pilots to know before flying to the Bahamas Out Islands

Landing Fees
Landing fees are usually waived for single engine planes and range between $6 and $15 for twins. Fuel is available at the airports in Nassau; Grand Bahama; Marsh Harbour International, Abaco; San Andros, Andros; Governor's Harbour and North Eleuthera, Eleuthera; Exuma International, Exuma; and Great Inagua. It is advisable to check with the airports for availability and prices. Departing from the U.S. is a simple process. You need not depart from any designated airport. An international Flight Plan must be filed prior to crossing the U.S. coastline. Entering The Islands of The Bahamas. You must land at an Airport of Entry upon your initial arrival in The Bahamas.

Landing Procedures
Nassau and Grand Bahama are controlled airports. You should advise approach control 25nm out for landing instructions. The Out Islands are uncontrolled airports with no control facilities. Pilots are required to announce aircraft identification, location and intentions.

Nassau and Grand Bahama are the only airports of entry into The Bahamas where the pilot can file an instrument approach. Nassau and Grand Bahama are the only two lighted runways that allow flying at night. All other airports require you to arrive and depart between sunrise and sunset.

The Bahamas Customs and Immigration
You must have proof of citizenship and U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. A survival raft is recommended. A current customs sticker should be located near the left door of the aircraft. (The sticker can be purchased in the U.S.) It is required that aircraft be equipped with an operable mode C transponder.

When arriving in The Bahamas at a port of entry, pilots are required to submit three (3) copies of the C7A General Declarations form. If flying to other Bahamian ports, the C7A will be used as a cruising permit. A cruising permit or transfer is needed to fly to other Bahamian ports. Upon departure pilots will need to submit a completed C7 General Declarations/Outward Form and surrender copies of immigration cards to Bahamas Customs.

Hours of operation for Custom's and Immigration at Airports of Entry are 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily.

Instructions to enter The Bahamas

Instructions to exit The Bahamas

You must be an instrument rating pilot to fly to Nassau and Grand Bahama after sunset.

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